War Mattock

Mattock Mode
1d8 + 2 + STR Piercing or Bludging or Slashing Damage
1d10 + 2 + STR Piercing or Bludging or Slashing Damage
Gains Mold earth as a cantrip.
Plus 2 weapon, material superior quality steel with Dark Green Runes

New feature: Transformation
As a free action anytime you cast spiritual weapon you can target War Mattock “Seeker” instead this will transform the war mattock into a spiritual copy of Magmahammer.

Magmahammer Mode
Two handed weapon
2d6 + 2 + STR Force damage
Brutal attribute(reroll 1’s on damage roll)

when fouced Lv2 spell
Two handed weapon
2d6 + 2 + 1d8 + WIS Force Damage
Brutal attribute(reroll 1’s on damage roll)

This spiritual weapon cast on War Mattock “seeker” has 10 charges that last 10 minutes.

On your turn you can use a bonus action to expend a charge and focus the full power of spiritual weapon at whatever level it was cast into any one melee attack, on the turn spiritual weapon has been cast you expend a charge to focus as part of the casting.

When you hit a creature with a melee attack in this mode you can expend a charge to attempt to drive the target back. If the target is Larger or smaller, it must make a Strenght saving throw. On a failed save, you push the target up 15 feet away from you.
DC = 8 + Your proficiency bonus + WIS modifier
Pushing Attack 74 PH

Alternatively, you can expend 1 to 3 of the spiritual weapon’s charges as an action to try to break an object you can hit with a normal melee attack that isn’t being worn or carried. Magmahammer adds to your Strength check with a +5 bonus for each charge you spend.
Ring of the Ram 193 DMG

Grants advantage on attempting to break through earth or stone walls.

War Mattock

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