The Crown


A series of large stone spires surrounding the continent of Lemuria thought to be created by the The Event
Early reports of those who attempted to return to Lemuria after the exodus describe the crown as a sold wall of stone dozens of feet high formed from the debris created during the cataclysm, over time the wall has eroded down to the spires seen today but the barrier to entry still remains due to the swirling currents at the base of each spire throwing any vessel that passes into the spires themselves.
It has always been theorised that there must be some way to get through the crown, however some kind of magical interference has prevented any magical means of bypassing the crown as well as any attempt to scry on anything inside the crown.

Following the claims of one scholar of the Arcane University who disappeared before his theory could be tested and the eyewitness account of a captured pirate crew scouts were sent to the crown to see that one of the spires had fallen making passage to the old world possible.
A first contact crew has been sent out by the ruler of the kingdom founded by the descendants of those who escaped the cataclysm.
Passing through the crown the crew of the expedition passed through an anti magic barrier the potency and size of which boggles the mind.

The extent of the barrier has not been tested but it dampened the arcane and divine power of those who passed through it as well as blocking any spells attempting to pass through it, unconfirmed reports also say that passage to other planes has been restricted within the barrier.

Enchantress Thola Dien of the expedition is charged with providing communication through the barrier with no luck after the first month of study.

The Crown

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