Verelovyn (Vere-lo-wn) Taletavian

The art of magic is truly a war on reality

(High elf, Evocation specialist, ex ‘war wizard’ and scroll specialist – rank 2)

A very methodical young man, considered one of the brightest wizards of his class in the evocation specialisation, Belami and he were great friends during their schooling years and often pushed each other in friendly competative ways to over achieve in their specialisations. Velum (as he is often called ‘in jest’) enjoys a good fight, he is sometimes seen as brutish and superior, but this covers a side that enjoys late night reading of romance novels and other junk texts. Seen as enjoying the finer things of life like food, wine, music, and art. he has very distinctive taste, and is a connoisseur of refinement. Luxury agrees with him, and under good conditions he has a Midas touch for turning drab into dramatic beauty. he is charming, elegant, and maintains a level of class that wins him esteem from a large fan base. However he would rather be studying and reading scrolls than being part of the elven nobility and all this roll entails, after having done his ‘service’ to the crown and kingdom he has gladly accepted Belami’s invitation to join him in the new world.


Verelovyn’s familiar is a Raven

Lucius (often called the General)
A black raven with a sharp beak and sharp eyes to match. This little raven will often stand at attention like a guard next to Verelovyn or even march (or hop) back and forth in front of his master like a little cadet soldier. Lucius responds well to any attention given to him by anyone and loves to preen himself to keep his feathers at their best. He is slightly partial to anything blue and sometimes collects things to give to his master verelovyn, things which are often sent back via mail with an apology.

Verelovyn (Vere-lo-wn) Taletavian

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