Have you ever napped through something big?



STR 10
DEX 12
CON 13
INT 18
CHA 16


Lemurian, Sylvan, Orcish, Common



Skill Proficiencies


Tool Proficiencies

Calligrapher’s Tools


Feature – Raised in a different era: Raised in a different time there is a great deal about the modern world that you do not know, however you were raised in a time when the ruins of the Lemurian Empire pulsed with life and you have some knowledge as to how they worked, Advantage on all checks relating to 3 aspects of the Lemurian empire of the players choice.
Features – Arcane Magic, Culture, Religion.

Known spells


Fire Bolt
Minor Illusion?

1st-level spells:

Charm Person
Chromatic Orb
Detect Magic
Disguise Self
Find Familiar
Mage Armour
Comprehend Languages
Burning Hands

Level 2 spells

Crown of Madness
Detect Thoughts
Hold Person
Mirror Image

Level 3 spells

Bestow Curse
Feign Death


Parents split up young. Doesn’t know it, but evil faeries tried to break them up before they could conceive him. It worked, but too late.

Early childhood featured waking up to some faery trying to work a malicious spell on him in his sleep. Was a little weird about faeries, other kids would assume their benevolence but (name) hated them. Never told anyone why, but it made him pretty curious about magic.

Showed some degree of talent, but had great difficulty finding a mentor. Possibly getting screwed with by an unseen hand, possibly just unlucky. (I could detail this more.)

Tried to get a job with the scribe’s guild, but they weren’t inclined to take some ratty-looking, barely literate vagrant in. So instead, I found another kid who was to be apprenticed to one of their master calligraphers and convinced her to become an adventurer instead. Orestes managed to complete the apprenticeship before his voice broke & gave the game away, then managed to get a job copying history texts. Between studying magic and trying not to see too much of the mentor who still didn’t know who I really was, Orestes didn’t advance very far in the guild hierarchy.

Managed to get enough notes together to self-initiate into wizardry. Used scribe wages, skipped meals & dressed in rags to get enough money together to pay various wizards to explain what he couldn’t figure out alone. Bought expensive books and wound up begging for food more than once.

After learning some wizardry, had some incredible insight relevant to his own magical heritage. Remembers being in a huge hurry to tell someone something urgent, but evil faeries thwarted his haste & worked some magic to drive the insight from his mind. It was their most overt, perhaps desperate, interference yet. He can almost remember who he was going to talk to, but can’t remember what about… Has a sense that the faeries deprived him of something beyond that insight. Some internal power? Some item he would inherit? Something.

Remembering only the involvement of the fae, began obsessively researching them. Eventually found a writing by a recently-deceased wizard about someone with a destiny that the Aklo wished to avert. Believes himself to be a key part of that destiny.

Had a previous adventure where the daughter of another wizard promised that he had some knowledge of the fae, and likely useful information. After accompanying the lass through a dangerous marsh, tricking some Orcs and besting a jailer in a riddle-contest, they freed the wizard. Turns out that the wizard’s daughter was lying about her dad having useful information, but they didn’t have money to pay someone to help. (Perhaps the wizard has died of old age, but the daughter still lives?)

Quested for some glorious artefact, then discovered that it rightfully belonged to the nearby Dwarf clan, “Balderk.” They get wind of it, and demand it back while the character is still mulling over whether to give it back or not. He hands it over, and insists that that was the plan ever since he discovered it was theirs, and the Dwarves don’t necessarily think he’s lying, but they doubt him enough not to feel they have any debt to him.

Learned of a bunch of Aklo a ways out of town, and rushed in where wise men fear to tread. Got entangled in a bunch of faery intrigues, became very confused. Realised he had to speak to “the Viscountess Misery” and got tricked by her gatekeeper, Sir Unkindness, who riled him up enough to speak rashly and then demanded that he swear not to attack any fae. Orestes took it to mean “harm no fae while in audience with Misery,” but that’s not what he said. Now he’s bound by an oath not to attack the fae.

Familiar: I tricked Duplicity into my service. She offered to guide me to prevent me from stumbling around to both my detriment and that of her court. I declared that I couldn’t trust her guidance unless she agreed to help me, and demanded an oath, wording it so she’d be bound to my service in general, not just to guide me to the court. She fell for it, and I grew overconfident. Believing that I could trick Sir Unkindness so easily is what allowed him to draw such an unwise oath from me.


Aussie new world campaign-Adelaide Emerenzia