Charisma Aluvyre

Your destiny my dear is written in the stars!


(Half elf (high elf) Divination specialist, potions specialist- rank 2)
A young lady who considers herself a very mystical being. She claims to see into the “crystalline realms and the colour rays of the visions of possibilities” that no other can see. She dress in wild frilly clothing (almost gypsy like) and wears small bells on her anklets that chime pleasantly when she walks or dances, charms in her hair and crystals at her wrists and neck. She always carries a deck of cards that were given to her by her great great grandmother (who also had ‘the sight’ and awaited charismas coming of age before she promptly died, something which she still nags Charisma about from the other side, Oh the lack of rest…). Sometimes she puts her crystals into a bag and throws them out onto a specially designed mat that has many symbols, numbers and words on it, lastly she always carries a small tea set so that she can check in with the wizarding spirits of good nature through reading tea leaves. She uses these to gain access to higher knowledge and believes she is divinely inspired to seek out the book of fortunes – Something she has seen in a vision. She uses an old broom (staff) as a weapon and a wand to cast her spells. She has a penchant for helping others find true love, slipping her “love potions” into their food and drinks.


Charisma’s familiar is a little black cat.
Mister Moo
Often considered moody and petulant, even by cat standards, he likes to get his own way and Charisma dotes over him like a little baby. He has a soft spot for any lap and finding strange places to sleep. give him a fish and you might make a friend for life! or at least a few minutes, possibly seconds… He also loves to eat cake and drink tea.

Charisma Aluvyre

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