Aussie new world campaign-Adelaide

Session Thirty Eight

The legacy of the lizard chicken trophy

Long term side effects of the banishment of the evil water elemental have been surmised.
For an unknown amount of time great hardship will befall the dwarf city, the lack of water will mean scarce harvest and worse the art of brewing become non-essential till such time that water is freely available again.

Still with the the threat eliminated celebration was had.

Belami Griffinmont and Archie “Needles” Nalvahen setup an amateur lizard chicken race, after recovering Adrik Torunn enjoyed trying his hand at how dwarfs 1000 years a part carry out prospecting and mining, Jonathon Fischer once fully back in the land of the living, corralled the party for some good times on the town. A win at the well established great lizard chicken races sees Jonathon Fischer gain a fair chunk of change. A second place in a pie eating contest for Adrik Torunn, a 10lb heavier Belami Griffinmont after sampling only the finest potato, mushroom and meet the city had to offer in its many different forms.

On the way home Jonathon Fischer returns the giants everlasting matchstick and has his sword “talon” returned, it appears the weapon contains the spirit of a Griffin. Good luck
Archie “Needles” Nalvahen manages to hunt down a giant bore which is happily received once all is back at the bastion.

Once back the reports are given to the party of the possible location of a Drow village hidden on the borders of the Ravens area. Further investigation required.

Meals had by Belami Griffinmont
Flame-roasted Potatoes with Mushroom and Thick gravy, On the side, there is some Crusty bread.
To wash it down, you had some Chocolate stout that is just a bit too dark in colour.

Battered and fried Pork with White mushrooms and Rich gravy, On the side, there is some Potatoes
To wash it down, you had some Brown porter that is just a bit too mild in flavour.

Smoked Boar with Potatoes and Mushrooms on the side there is some Bacon.
To wash it down, you had some Pilsner that is just a bit on the sweet side.



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