Aussie new world campaign-Adelaide

Ding dong the dragons dead - The Journal of Belami Griffinmont

Witch old dragon, the wicked green dragon

Returning to town we handed in our findings to appropriate authorities. I’m glad to have that place behind us! It feels that we have finally completed something and I sense we are almost done with proving ourselves as fine adventurers. If only we could decide on a name for our group.
The only promise we have left to fill is that to the druid of the green dragon. Needles has come up with a plan that looks… interesting to say the least, I don’t doubt it would work but I do think we can take this beast and ground it fast as I sense we have grown far beyond what we were when we first came together. Still it is always worth trying all avenues and having backup plans is what keeps you alive – or at least that’s what my old mentor used to say.

We headed out and set up for the incoming attack. I can tell you my adrenaline was at it’s peak for the day of our wait for the dragons return to his lair. We had setup the contraption and waited.
First I could hear the beasts wings as it caught the air, and then I could hear it land on the edge of the tower. Many of the spells and traps we had laid out coming to naught if the Dragon didn’t land in it’s lair! We were spotted, our hiding place was torn asunder and the dragon breathed its foul and poisonous breath at us all. We took the brunt of it and I’m afraid to say some of our companions decided to turn ‘green’ and run. But our leader was steadfast as ever, calling upon his faith to back his mighty blows he beat the Dragon furiosuly! I took my lead from him as ever and directed the fire of my will upon the green beast as it started to take off into the sky – not once but twice I managed to focus my spells – my adrenaline was so high.
I have never seen anything so terifying as a beast of such power falling from the sky upon us. Terifying that I had been able to lay this creature of magic and esteem so low, what power do I have! What power do we all have for it would not have been if it wasn’t for the Paladin and myself standing strong side by side, not faltering in our trust of our skills, our strengths and our faith.

Upon our return to the Capital city I found that we were one of 3 groups who made it back, we were lucky. Soon we underwent debriefed about our adventures. I told them how we came together, thrown like random coins at beggars. How we found our place amongst strangers and how we grew stronger together even with the mistakes we made. I tried to tell a story for each of us, painting a picture of us all, bringing our skills to the fore and I hope it makes our case stronger.

At the ceromony in the town centre we were to learn who was going with the first ship, our position might have been strong, but things seemed in doubt. Then chaos struck! The damsel (always the damsel) was kidnapped and so was ‘a great treasure’! the would be kidnappers created a scene where they mirrored themselves so many times that we wouldn’t have been able to find the real one! But again together we worked to find them, follow them and I’m proud to say we found the damsel, detained the kidnappers and more. We were victorious and we are first.

Now, what do I pack?



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