The sundering of the elves

A commonly held legend of the elves tells of the sundering of the elven race said to have been the result of the progenitors of the elven race, the Firstborne, choosing sides in a divine civil war the races were divided thusly:

Eladrin: those who most resemble the Firstborne in their fey nature and innocence the eladrin are the dependence of those who did not take part in the civil war and after their kin were sent out into the world the eladrin chose to leave the groves of the gods and seek a new home in the feywild.

Wood Elves: Those who took up arms to fight their traitorous kin became the wood elves, they were sent to guard the natural places in the material plane and given blessings to better do so, to this day they prefer to live in harmony with the natural world taking only what they need and reducing their impact on their environment.

High Elves: Those who turned to magic in their time of need become what is now know as the high elves, they were sent to the material plane to learn it’s arcane secrets, they build great cities in which to share and guard all they know using their arcane knowable to their advantage, to them their god whispered the first arcane magics to be used by non dragons on the material plane.

Drow: Those who turned against their kin at the promises of their dark mistress and her allies, they were cast from the light by Corellon as their rebellion failed, due in no small part to the duplicity of their queen who maintained her own secret agenda, living in darkness has twisted the drow into the cruel beings that are known today, although there are some who have the potential for redemption, those who have claimed to found a light in the darkness.

Wild Elves: Rampaging berserkers who were segregated from sentient life for their own safety as well as the safety of others as they cut a swath through both armies in the elven civil war. Scholars are split as to the origin of wild elves, major elven scholars believe that the Drow goddess Lolth performed some twisted experiment that backfired, while leading non-elven scholars have put forward the idea that these elves represent the savage and bestial side that the elves suppress released when elves witnessed some atrocity during the war. Identified by their golden eyes and red hair the wild elves have calmed somewhat since the time of the elven civil war although they can still go berserk at little provocation, the can be difficult to stop as they resist most forms of magic. They are the most rare sub-race of elves.

The sundering of the elves

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