Aussie new world campaign-Adelaide

Phandalen town - The journal of Belami Griffinmont
This town trembles in it's boots!

Phandalen, a small town with a few dozen residence, major attractions include Bandits, Goblins, and a general store.
It was noticeable that Phandalen seemed to have once, or maybe twice, been a bigger town than it has settled in to become. The main buildings seem to be a General store, a smith, an Inn, a town square, a small shrine (whom we found out is attended by Caelynn’s sister) the Lion shield Coaster and a large public building.

A quick trip to the coaster and we were able to drop off the few lost goods we could bring with us, and paid for our efforts! A bounty was given if we should happen to find more. We did manage to also find out that the Tresendar mansion, upon the hill, was considered ‘empty’ and no-one was living there, and it’s not worth our time going there. What a poor lier, we shall have to investigate that area as well.
Next we went to Barthen’s Provision shop – who was supposed to be holding the mining supplies for Gundram. Here we learnt that the Dwarf Gundram has 2 brothers who are possibly still in the area, and that they were talking about an old map of something up past the mines, a mention of wave echo cave was also made – and although this friendly keeper was looser with his lips, he still left us guessing at much more.
Nails left with some young men (two sons of the Trader Elmar Barthen, Eli and Wilhelm(16 and 18)) to return the cart and anything else they might be able to find.

Once we settled at the Inn I relayed a brief history of the area as well as I could remember it (thank you to Barthen for jogging my memory with the mention of wave echo cave!).
In Brief;
Wave echo cave is an old mine in the area, it was rumoured that an old magical forge was kept there, one that could produce items of magical quality.
Orcs also have a history in this area with Cragmaw castle being the old residence of the high nobles that left about 500 years ago, these nobles were half orc and were disgraced that recently by a green dragon who now resides in the swamps.
The Tresendar family took over as regents of the area around 150 years ago and opened up the mines with the help of dwarves. An earth node was discovered in the mine and subsequently The spell forge was built around the earth node, and cannot be moved as the forge on it’s own is useless without the node.
Not long ago, about 60-70 years, the mines were overrun by raiding orcs and this whole area was decimated.
Phandalin was a midway point (from the major city we came from?) to Cragmaw castle and Thundertree to the south – which was wiped out not long ago and any remaining survivors leaving for safer lands.
No-one seems to know where Cragmaw castle is any more and I don’t recall any maps I might have seen of the area.

((Please notify me of anything I might have missed?))

Mines of Phandelver - The journal of Belami Griffinmont
Goblins are small and make good puppets

A deceleration has been sent out and we are a group of adventurers keen on exploring the New World (or old world as it may be to some). To this end we are going to be tested to see who has the appropriate nous and skills to assist the settlers of the new kingdoms, and hopefully gain some advantages along the way.
Thrown together by fate, our group “we poke things with sticks” (hurriedly named by the local publican, that will have to change..) was met by our guide and score keeper Caelynn, a musically inclined elf. She hurried us along as time is shorter than a gnome, and we headed out to the small town, possibly rustic, rural, small minded, and I could go on… of Phandelver.
We headed north, towards the desert and the hilly lands to these mediocre copper mines, and along the way we learned from our esteemed guide that the town has been troubled by bandits (in my opinion it’s other villagers fighting over the one pair of dentures they have to share no doubt). People have been “killed” and are “disappearing” (we use that lightly since no bodies have been found and apparently everyone is accounted for) and on the odd occasion trade caravans are being robbed. We have been sent to solve this puzzle.

We stopped at 2 Inns along the way and as we notice civilization is becoming scarcer we noticed a cart that looked broken ahead. With closer inspection we realised that there were Goblins.

Goblins: generally known to be pests in general, in greater numbers they are more likely to eat your ankles clean off rather than just throw rocks at you.

A quick discussion amongst those who hadn’t already sneaked off to see what had happened and a cunning plan was devised (NB: keep an eye on Needles). I threw a couple of minor illusions on the Paladin and the Dwarf to make them look more half orc, Not to shabby a job if you ask me, but maybe not my finest work, I suppose it’s more about what bases you have to work with…
((Paladin = Jonathon?)
The braver members of the party approached and attempted to intimidate the goblins, but it seemed they would have no part of it, or maybe they just didn’t understand orc. A scuffle ensured and after some time we killed them all and managed to capture one!

Searching the area around the cart we noticed a manifesto of goods with two recipients, also some crates were marked with a lion and others with a blue shield. The only things left were the mining supplies and some casks of ale.
((sorry I seemed to have been confused here and don’t know who’s symbol belonged to which party, the general traders and the miners))
On the manifesto we saw that there was also 2 people listed as being on the cart, one Gundren the Rockseeker and one Sildar Hallwinter (Sildar, I assume, may have been a guard or a friend of Gundren but the manifest didn’t state which, or possibly someone returning to town?)

Suddenly we realised the goblin spoke in broken common, just enough to make his babbling comprehensible. He spoke of Klaug, King Groll in the castle and The ‘Spider’ mentioning that someone wanted the Rockseeker to find a ‘map’, it concerns me that no mention is made of Sildar, I suspect he could be in more trouble than Gundren at this time.
Klaug seems to be a humanoid about our size who governs over the goblins, my money is on an orc, or possibly a bugbear.
King Groll on the other hand, he lives in the castle and tells them only to ‘pillage’. Maybe he is the bigger orc in question, Groll sounds like an orc name to me.
The ‘Spider’?: well we got no-where with that. The name makes me wonder how many feet he has in his mouth, or fingers in pies.

We left for town after attempting to hitch the remaining oxen to the cart and somehow failing. Needles stayed behind, one could only imagine what he would be needing to stay behind for, but it’s not up to me to question the tastes of others.


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