Party Loot

all our honest earned loot


5 light crossbows
6 savage short swords
50 Bolts

231 Platinum
5033 gold
302 electrum
8082 silver
3565 copper
Total: 8937.85

Lemurian Coins
5 Gold
21 Silver
22 Copper

Healing potions and items:
8 potions of healing
4 greater healing potion
2 potions of Invisibility
1 elixir of health
1 potion of vitality
Regenerate potion ingredients

Continual Flame
Charm Person
Misty Step

Magic Items:
Pearl of power
Magic Golden Sun Elf Statue of divination
1 small piece of Iron Wood
1 small piece of Treant
10 essence
staff of withering
base for +2 longbow
stone of good luck
2 stone wolf hide, 2 magic each
3 residuum
Origami Boat
Winged Boots
Bracers of Archery
Cloak of Authority
Talon longsword
+1 savage short sword
Silk rope of climbing
2 Jars of Keoghtom ointment, 9 doses total
+1 holy symbol
10 +1 arrows
Heward’s Handy Haversack
Lantern of Revealing
Dust of Invisibility
Bag of Tricks(grey)

Various Items:
Bronze Crown- 250g
Large well-made tapestry- 250g
Silk robe with gold embroidery- 250g
Large gold bracelet- 250g
Brass mug with jade inlay- 250g
Golden Scroll with castle designs
4 Large Chests
2 gold armbands with spider motif- 250gp
5x gold ring with blood stone- 500gp
6x box of turquoise animal figures- 750gp
2 drow silk robes
10 doses of drow poison
1 ruined stone wolf hide
Arcane Materials- 1000gp
Alchemy Materials- 1000gp
Magical Materials- 800gp
Building Materials- 24100gp
Giant Crocodile Skin- 400g
40 Croc teeth
Bulette Shield Components
Defaced golden Unholy symbol
Golden birdcage with silver raven figure- 5000g
Golden birdcage with electrum filigree
2x Silver necklaces with jade pendants
2x Brass mug with jade
Silver Necklace
2x Tapestries
Silk Robe
Gold Bracelet

5 malachite- 10gp each
2 carnelian- 50gp each
2 peridot- 500gp each
1 banded agate- 10gp each
1 obsidian- 10gp each 2240
8 moonstone- 50gp each
1 tigers eye- 10gp
4 jasper- 50gp
3 jade- 100gp
3 jet- 100gp
3 amber- 100gp
5 star rose quartz- 50gp
5 onyx- 50gp
6 chalcedony- 50gp
5 zircons- 50gp
4 bloodstones- 50gp
5 sardonyx- 50gp
1 chrysoprase- 50gp
4230gp total worth


Party Loot

Aussie new world campaign-Adelaide slarty86