Dead idea -Gem Spiked Armour-



This plan is dead the amount of emerald you would need to make the armour would be about 20000g, and the standard emerald gem from a mine is about the size of half of your palm and is worth 1000g. It would take years to mine that amount of emerald and it is probably more emerald then exists in all the stores in Umbra. :(

Adrik’s Design for Gem socketed armour allowing use of Absorb elements (lv1 spell) without having the raise his shield. This is in reaction to losing his beard to a Fire Blast he was not dexterous enough to react to.

Price for Metal required 1500gp + emerald shards worth 870gp for the spikes.
AC 18 – Str 15 – Stealth Disadvantage – 70lb.

Bonus action to make a melee weapon attack (str) to use the spikes of the emerald to do 1d4+str piercing damage.
If you use the attack action to grapple and succeed on the check the target takes the same damage.

To gain Proficiency with this armour you need to wear it for ? days.


Dead idea -Gem Spiked Armour-

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