Quartum (Quarts) Generascitis

Each moment lived is a moment forged in time forever

(High elf, Transmutation specialist, enchantment specialist – rank 2)

A quiet and softly spoken elf with hair that never seems to sit down. Out of nervous habit he is constantly flattening the back of his cowlick or rubbing his chin. Sometimes he gives off small sparks of electricity when he hasn’t ‘grounded out’ for the day. He is Imaginative, intuitive, and naturally artistic, seeing the world in water-color purity. His tendency is to be moody and withdrawn at times, but that’s only because his inner landscape is in constant motion. Considered constantly in touch with his muse, he is easily inspired. Likewise, he inspires all that he associates with and people seek him out for his visionary capabilities. Given at times he will focus on or ‘not focus on’ one thing to the detriment of all others, making him a great artist and craftsman. He gets on rather well with Charisma and they are often seen together working on minor projects. Charisma believes that Quarts has a crush on Belami and looks up to him as a confidant and leader, this stems from Belami helping to protect Quarts as a young child, giving him encouragement to devote himself to pursue his natural talents instead of washing out as a hedge mage.


Quartum’s familiar is a Stoat (weasel)

Ambrosius the hob.
Ambrosius is a playful stoat of fawny brown fur with a tiny black tip on the end. He is naughty and mischevious and, like most stoat, loves to dance. He is quick to dart between legs and never seems to trip Quartum up even when Quartum isn’t paying attention. If you have the time I suggest you give him a belly rub, but like a cat you had better watch out for those claws and teeth. Ambrosius is almost otter like in his playful attitude and never seems to hunt out of malice.

Quartum (Quarts) Generascitis

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