Lady of Water

Lady of Water


Goddess of Water and all that is within it
Known as the Lady of the Water
Location: Aztec temple, Sunken ruins of the old port town
Motive: ?
1 of the 4 known elemental cousins trapped on the new lands after the event.

A now god-like being suspected to control the creation and use of water inside of her territory.
She has three groups that draw upon water in the land. One are a race of frog/reptilian like beings that live below the temple. The other two are unknown at this time.

We experienced problems with the priests of our crew trying to create water.
Negotiations have been opened and we need to discus further what her preferences would be towards those who draw on her element so that we too may gain water.

We assisted the lady with removing troublesome dark skins (drow) from her temple and rescued two strangers.


Lady of Water

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