Aussie new world campaign-Adelaide

Something old, something new - The Journal of Belami Griffinmont

Something bold, someone got blew (cough, Jonathon, cough).

I will endeavour to keep my journal entries brief as I don’t have much time with active duties to pen down thoughts or similar and I doubt I will until after we meet the old world.

My first time seeing and meeting many of the crew we would be working with was at the docks as we were taking off. So much of my time has been spent in study, teaching those of the group who were ready to speak Ancient Lemurian, etc.
Our ship is called the Dragons Fangs and was a pirate ship that has been refit to suit our purposes. The Lady Khamis who is the leader of the expedition took centre stage with a quick wardrobe change as she boarded the ship. We waved goodbye to Umbra and her people and set sail.

Most of the voyage is uneventful and we have ample time to get to know many of the officials and crew members. Keeping myself comfortable, I made myself available to those of Elven decent amongst the crew and struck up some early friendships.

We were ambushed! Some rather ugly green skinned women – apparently hags – managed to charm the pant’s off one paladin Jonathon. I wonder if we can say he is no longer a virgin? By the by this ugly coven had snuck onboard the ship and managed to put us into slumber before trying to take advantage of the male members of the crew. We tackled them down and managed to take them out with a little bit of help from those on watch at the time. Still, we had to share our treasure – Which personally didn’t sit right with me considering we do so much in comparison that they need so many to match us in strength. But we are the heroes and what little we gain in treasure Im sure we gain in esteem.

A Wild storm, for days we are sick. I can do nothing but sit in my hammock and hope that it will soon pass.

Today we saw some pirates who tried to board us and take over our ship. They didn’t succeed thanks to a coup by half their ‘crew’ (which were taken from another ship they held at hostage). We gained new crew members from a far away land. The land that detestes magic and pins its hopes on cogs and gears. They fast become friends with Archie.
Those from the coup are given the pirate ship and sent on their way home.

The enchantress seems to have made a clique of her own already, taken to branding her ‘men’ with a little silken cravat. I am surprised at the lack of subtelty on her behalf, but what would you expect from university trained wizards really, they think we lack any style or flair when it is them who have learned boorish ways and uncouth displays of power such as this.

We found a pile of debris and managed to salvage much materials from it. Amongst the find was a chest with some magical equipment and gold. Again we had to split the wealth and this time our Paladin decided he would get the spoils – much to the behest of all the other members of the group except the dwarf. It is so hard to be fair when there could be so much fun to be had with such items, I do wish I had taken the slippers from before as I could see such use for them along with Max’s staff…

Our arrival at the old lands was met with a swarm of crystaline beasties, siimilar to pseudo dragons. They were simply gorgeous and I would have loved to catch one for a pet. Maybe I can suggest to Edgewood that he could take this form in his next incarnation?

We made our way uneventfully through the crown, well actually we did lose all magic for a short while. Quite an amazing phenomenon really – The thought of what must have gone into making something magical to that scale boggles the mind really.

Our party went to work straight away and soon we had discovered a location that was deemed suitable for a base for us to establish ourselves from. There was a port city to the east, a swamplands to the west and further beyond that some ruins. A crumbled spire to the north east and to the nort we noticed a rather large tree. Quickly scouting this area we noticed some strange markings and trinkets – a vague thought that we are in the middle of two tribal zones maybe?

There is a strange sensation coming from the large tree in the centre of our ruined compound. My familiar Edgewood seems utterly fascinated by it, I wonder if he is drawn to the fae energy that seems to enemate from it. Most confusing is that it seems to repell and attract at the same time! I have no skill in removing magic so I will investigate it later on.

I see no way to garner any attention from the enchantress, she has all but made herself unavailable to us! I have steped up and filled the gaps as best I could with my skills as a wizard. She locks herself away and is doing who knows what with her time! I would feel safer if we were alowed to check in on her to make sure nothing uncouth is happening. My mind is suspicious, but maybe that is just from my nose having been put well and truly out by her judgement of me. Others seem to have noticed and the people are making noises against her. Lets hope she doesn’t tarnsih my reputation via proxy.



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