Aussie new world campaign-Adelaide

Session Thirty Seven

A Tail of Water and Ice

We start with Jonathon Fischer being taken by sentient water.
Leaving the party to chase after him through a maze of snow, while have a snowball fight with Water Mephit’s and them selfs, lest it kept the party warm.

Snow ball hit counter
Archie “Needles” Nalvahen – 100%
Mephit – 87%
Belami Griffinmont – 79%
Adrik Torunn – 1%

After escaping the maze we found living quarters for Cultist and finally a large room where Jonathon Fischer is being held and tortured by a Huge water elemental.

Once the water elemental was defeated and Jonathon Fischer is stabilised, Adrik Torunn decided against the party’s plan to contact the Lady of Water and see if she could replace the now weaken malicious water elemental, and instead set about banishing the elemental from this area of the material plane altogether.

The immediate side effects were the temple collapsing and the lake affecting the dwarfs dissipating, Long term side effects unknown.

Some coins
Puzzle box
Large Copper Coin of Bold Human with glasses

Reward from the Dwarfs
Boon of ?
War Mattock “Seeker” now has the Dark Green Runes of the Clan



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