Aussie new world campaign-Adelaide

Session Thirty Nine

Village in the shadows

Following up on the news that strangers have kidnapped children of the raven tribe and their minder the party decides to investigate the second settelment from beyond the crown of thorns.

We follow Archie “Needles” Nalvahen to the nearest scout camp to the drow village, after gaining first-hand intel from the scouts posted here, Archie “Needles” Nalvahen goes and scouts the village himself with help of an invisibility spell from Belami Griffinmont returning with valuable information about layout and who is living there.

Although many known outlaws are identified it appears innocent civilians are among the mix.

With this knowledge Jonathon Fischer decides to do the honourable thing and march up to the front door to make our intentions clear and open.
In doing so the guards on watch at the time identifies us by name and opens fire immediately.

A quick trip through a tentacle dimension (thanks Belami Griffinmont) and we are back at the scout camp, with little option left we race in among the confusion under an invisibility spell.

The invisibility spell works well till…

And now I have to go to work :/ feel free to add and edit any of the adventure log posts I make



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