Aussie new world campaign-Adelaide

Party Loot Current

3 Platinum
1 gold
2 electrum
2 silver
1 copper

Building Materials

Lemurian Coins (of unknown quality as of now)
- please note that extraordinary quality is worth 100x base value.
1 Electrum
5 Gold
21 Silver
32 Copper
Lemurian Coins Extraodinary quality (100 x base value)
1 Platinum
15 Gold
90 Silver
10 Copper

Healing and other potions
10 potions of healing (nb: one is kept on Belami’s familiar for emergencies at all times.)
6 greater healing potion
2 potions of Invisibility
1 elixir of health
1 potion of vitality
2 Jars of Keoghtom ointment, 9 doses total (in the backpack of Adrik Torunn)

Continual Flame (used by Adrik Torunn)
Charm Person
Revivify (used on Jonathon Fischer’s)
Misty Step

Magic Items
Origami Boat
Staff of withering
+1 savage short sword
5 golem cores set to Agriculture

A War Mattock +1 (in use by Adrik Torunn)
A Gauntlets of Ogre Power (in use by Adrik Torunn)
A Stone of good luck (in use by Adrik Torunn)
Heward’s Handy Haversack (in use by Adrik Torunn)
Silk Rope of Climbing (in the backpack of Adrik Torunn)
Dust of Invisibility (on Adrik Torunn’s belt)

A Winged Boots (in use by Jonathon Fischer)
A Holy symbol +1 (in use by Jonathon Fischer)
A Longsword “Talon” +1 (in use by Jonathon Fischer)
A Cloak of Authority (in use by Jonathon Fischer)
Lantern of Revealing (on the backpack of Jonathon Fischer)
Golden Scroll with castle designs

A Staff of defence (in use by Belami Griffinmont)
A Pearl of power (in use by Belami Griffinmont)
A ring of Protection +1 (in use by Belami Griffinmont)
Wand of magic missiles 7 charges (in the care of Belami Griffinmont)
Short sword +1 (in the care of Belami Griffinmont)
10 x Arrows +1 (in the care of Belami Griffinmont)
Magic Golden Sun Elf Statue of divination (owned by Belami Griffinmont)
Silver Raven Statue of Animal Messenger (in care of Belami Griffinmont)
A Bejewelled Amulet of the plains (1 large inset ruby, 2 amethysts, 1 unidentified blue stone) DC15 1/Wk (in care of Belami Griffinmont)
Red and yellow cloak w runes of “feather fall” (atuo activates at 30" as per feather fall spell) 3xday (in care of Belami Griffinmont)

Teleporting Sword (in use by Archie “Needles” Nalvahen)
Bracers of Archery (in use by Archie “Needles” Nalvahen)
Studdded Leather +1 with spell Shield (made and owned by Archie “Needles” Nalvahen)
Dagger of Dragon slaying (in use by Archie “Needles” Nalvahen)
10 +1 arrows (in the care of Archie “Needles” Nalvahen)
Base for +2 longbow
Bag of Animals (in the care of Archie “Needles” Nalvahen)
Bronze Disk on tattered green/blue ribbon (with wizard king on one side and laurel brand on other) Medallion (in the care of Archie “Needles” Nalvahen)
‘Broken’ Puzzle box (in the care of Archie “Needles” Nalvahen)

1 small piece of Iron Wood
1 small piece of Treant
10 essence
2 stone wolf hide, 2 magic each
3 residuum
Regenerate potion ingredients
10 doses of drow poison
1 ruined stone wolf hide
Arcane Materials- 1000gp
Alchemy Materials- 1000gp
Magical Materials- 800gp
Giant Crocodile Skin- 400g
Bulette Shield Components (going to be used to make a shield +1 by Jonathon Fischer)
Phase spider spinarettes for Belt sash of Blink – 2 charges/day (regen at dawn)
4pts Elemental water for Jug of endless water
Chitin for Chainmail +1 (from ankdragon)
3 x eggs from Ankdragon

4 Large Chests
2 gold armbands with spider motif
2 drow silk robes
Defaced golden Unholy symbol
Silk Robe

Art Objects
Chewed up silver valued 1700gp
0gp total

8 pearls 100gp each
0gp total

Book shelves (2) on Golem making.(lemurian text)
Book shelves (2) on esoteric arcane experiments.(lemurian text)
Experimental notes on making enhancement potions -Vitrum Aquae.(lemurian text)
Diary of a student wizard (lemurian text)



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